Green Eggs and … Duck??

green eggs

This post comes to your from Philadelphia-“The city of neighborhoods.”¬†I had a lovely visit with an old friend from college and we enjoyed brunch at a great local spot-Green Eggs Cafe. (sans ham ūüė¶¬†despite my love of the Dr. Seuss story growing up)

duck hash

I had my usual dilemma of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of wonderful food and wanted to order everything on the menu. I also could not decide if I wanted sweet or salty. Kristen is a vegetarian, so sharing would probably not be an option since I was craving meat. I decided to go for something salty and ordered the duck hash skillet, which included pulled duck confit, sweet potatoes, parsnips, two eggs over easy and a cabbage slaw on top. It was served over their signature brioche toast and smothered in gravy. Very colorful and tasty!

quinoa porridge

Kristen¬†ordered the quinoa porridge with agave nectar, cinnamon, cardamom, golden raisins, and cream topped with fresh berries and fresh berry compote. She ordered¬†orange juice and to¬†our surprise it tasted freshly squeezed!¬†Quinoa is a nutty grain that is also a complete protein, and I believe it’s the only plant-based complete protein source.

Next time I visit, I must get the Red Velvet pancakes, which¬†is Kristen’s favorite¬†item on the menu! The menu describes them as buttermilk pancakes with chocolate morsels layered with strawberry mascarpone¬†and topped with fresh strawberries and a maple syrup and chantilly cream.

Green was the theme of the day as we ended out visit with a trip to Green Street Consignment. I’m not usually big into thrift stores, but this was one so well-organized and had a great selection of name brand items. And it never hurts to support recycling.

Stay Green,



24 Things to Do Instead of Getting Married Before You’re 24, a response

A lovely response!


I recently read this article titled, ‚Äú23 Things To Do Instead of Getting Engaged Before You‚Äôre 23‚ÄĚ. Normally, I don‚Äôt read these as they are usually written in an in-your-face-I-can-do-what-I-want tone. For whatever reason, I read this article, perhaps because I am 24 and not married and I was curious as to why 23 was the magic number. Unfortunately, the article is pretty much the same, lame advice for twenty-somethings, written by twenty-somethings whose sum total of advice is ‚Äú17. Eat a Jar of Nutella is one sitting.‚ÄĚ I didn‚Äôt think much about it until I saw at least 3 people repost it on Facebook.

I don‚Äôt know about you, but if the highlight of my life (outside of marriage???) before I‚Äôm 23 is to eat a jar of Nutella or ‚Äú22. Be selfish‚ÄĚ then I think marriage to anyone sounds pretty good.

My goal for life as a single…

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