A Very Maryland Birthday


Today is another honorary blog post complete with a miserable picture from my childhood and a not-so-miserable picture from some birthday festivities. I’m posting today in honor of my dad, whose birthday was yesterday.

daddy bday pic

Everyone feels love in different ways. My mom is definitely “words of affirmation,” but my dad is much more into quality time and acts of service. Hence, the all day adventure in college park and the cold football game. For those of you who know me, you know that is love because cold and I do not mix.

maryland game sunset

Even on his birthday, my dad was thinking of us and buying hot chocolate, offering up his gloves and letting us leave the game early when our fingers and toes just couldn’t take any more. That was a great reminder to me that people show love in different ways. My dad shows love through acts of service and I think it took me a while to realize that. Over the years, I definitely took things for granted like my dad coming to the rescue and fixing my car whenever something happened that seemed like a crisis to me.

Check out The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman for more information. This book really helped me understand every relationship in my life so much better.


So this post in itself is n0t the present like it was for my mom last month. Instead, my dad, a guru of the English language and future creative free-lance writer, will be a guest blogger for charm city magic!! My dad has always been so supportive of everything I do, including this blog 🙂

So Dad, this is for you. You get to pick a topic of your choice and write a blog post to be published here sometime in the next month!

daddy bday pic 2

P.S.We had a lovely lunch at Franklin’s Restaurant and Brewery in Hyattsville (another post coming with more details..for now check out their website http://www.franklinsbrewery.com/). In addition to my goofy, dry sense of humor that I get from my dad, I found myself using a “daddyism” at lunch without even realizing it. My sister Caitlin was eating a very spicy curry dish and I reassured her, “Don’t worry it’s good for your sinuses.” Our entire family has allergy and sinus issues so there will be many more posts coming with all kinds of fun ethnic, spicy foods!


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