Finding the Silver Lining.. I Mean Diner

silver diner

So I have been super behind on blogging this past week with the transition into my new job. But I have decided I at least want to do one post per week that is a traditional “foodie post.” Foodie Friday is what I will call it, although I’m a bit late with this first one. I’m doing a special post today on the Silver Diner, a hidden gem in College Park. It looks like a typical diner form the outside, but is a complete farm to table masterpiece on the inside, complete with organic ketchup!


The diner is very clean and has a great atmosphere. Lighting was not too bright or dim, temperature was perfect, not too hot or cold, super friendly staff, and they even have their liquor license! Shout out to our server Wall-e, who kept our waters full, knew the menu inside and out and how to work his charm! The prices were reasonable, especially considering how much selection there was on the menu and how many of their ingredients were locally sourced. I’m not usually indecisive when it comes to food, but everything on the menu looked amazing! Thanks to my sister Colleen for finding this place and having a birthday so we could go there 🙂 Even though this was a belated birthday celebration I’m glad we made it happen!

lamb burger

The biggest dilemma at a diner is whether to go sweet or salty, and then whether you want breakfast or real food. We were there for dinner, but the best thing about having a sister is you can share and get the best of both worlds! I decided on the pesto burger with local goat cheese, basil pine nut pesto, arugula, roasted red peppers and sweet potato fries. We substituted lamb for $2 extra and whole wheat toast for free.

quinoa pancakes

To balance out the salty, Colleen chose the quinoa coconut pancakes with blueberries, pecans, strawberries, grilled bananas and agave. We nibbled on them and saved the rest for a post race snack! Another post to come about the 5k we ran that night!

silver diner staff

Life has been good these days and I love my new job, but the areas I work downtown can be depressing at times and traffic to get down to College Park always seems to suck the life out of me so this dinner and conversation we got to share really was the silver lining!

Check out the diner’s website here:

Fully yours,



2 thoughts on “Finding the Silver Lining.. I Mean Diner

  1. I stopped in at a Silver Diner in CherryHill NJ over the Thanksgiving weekend. I have no expectations with it comes to Diner food, I usually stick to a salad or egg whites when it comes to breakfast. But the menu was divine! There were gluten-free and vegan options to choose from (most diners don’t have those options)! I had to try the quinoa and coconut pancakes…and I was not disappointed. From the service to the food, it was an awesome experience. I will be back at a Silver Diner!

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