Food Stamp Challenge Day 4: Children and Hunger


Childhood hunger is an issue near and dear to my heart. I always knew I wanted to work with kids in pediatric nutrition one day. But after my community nutrition rotation during my internship last year working in schools in the city and on urban farms, I was convinced my calling was not to a hospital.

I got an email from Maryland Hunger Solutions today with some interesting statistics:

“According to a Gallop Poll analyzed by the Food Research and Action Center, 1 in 5 households with children in Maryland reported having difficulty affording food for their families sometime over the past 12 months. In Maryland – the richest state in the richest country – 43% of children in public schools receive free and reduced-priced meals (according to the state Department of Education). In Baltimore City, that number skyrockets to 84%. ”

Childhood hunger is a vicious cycle that will lead to the detriment of our country if left unchecked. Kids who are hungry do not do well in school, are more likely to get sick and develop health problems later, less likely to graduate high school or go to college, and ultimately will have a job where he or she has trouble putting food on the table to feed their kids. The problem is bigger than just food. This problem not only affects health, but also has far-reaching educational and economic impacts. A society where people are not educated does not progress.

For more information, visit:

Thoughts from today:

-I got called into work last-minute so it was nice having a distraction all day. I felt like I was able to think about things other than food (ironic I know working in a restaurant). Luckily, it wasn’t busy enough to require a ton of concentration but steady enough to keep me busy.

-I haven’t really had any headaches today, which is good.

-I had a make-up training for some street outreach I’ll be doing with Safe House of Hope post for another time) and I counted that as my “charity meal” for the week. Some challenge participants went to lunch at our daily bread this week to show that food stamps are not enough and most people need to supplement with emergency feeding programs. So I had chicken noodle soup and a cookie at the Yates household tonight. I could not turn down the hospitality and I thought it would be a good example of how food stamps are not enough.

-I had a banana and peanut butter for breakfast and beans and rice for lunch.

– I was able to squeeze in a mini boot camp session with some squats and push ups for my workout today.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow. I am officially at the halfway point 🙂






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