Day 2 Food Stamp Challenge Reflections

Matzah. Filling. Cost Effective.

Matzah. Filling. Cost Effective.

Today marks day 2 of the food stamp challenge. I know they say the first few days are supposed to be easy, but it’s been tough. Maybe it’s because I’m used to grazing or mindlessly snacking all day. Or maybe I’m actually lacking some key nutrients that I’m used to eating every day. It does not take long for the effects to set in.

Some thoughts:

-Even the first day I was dragging around the time I would usually run to Starbucks for a chai latte or make one at home. I’m not someone who is addicted to caffeine or needs it every day, but it is definitely something I am used to getting for a pick me up when needed.

-The price of my $5 latte is more than a school gets in reimbursement to feed one child for a week.

-l rarely let money stop me from doing things, especially with food. I am a complete foodie, so good food is something I always make room for in my budget.  Sure I complain all the time that I have student loans and I’m in debt, but I really have no clue what it means to be in need.

-I don’t eat out all the time, but it’s not abnormal for me to splurge every so often and drop $30 at happy hour. That makes me sick. That I will spend the same amount of money in one sitting that most people need to eat with for the entire week.  I was making plans with a friend this week and realized how much of my social life revolves around food and going out. Not only can I not meet a friend for dinner, but that $5 glass of wine that’s a great deal during happy hour is not within my means either.

-I’m already having headaches and difficulty concentrating. I noticed it last night when I was at a bible study, but I cannot imagine having to get through an 8 hour school or work day.


For dinner last night, I had 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 head broccoli and rice. This morning for breakfast I had bread with peanut butter, a banana and 1/2 of an apple. Lunch was 1/2 of a can of tuna with some avocado mixed in over a salad with some chickpeas and some bread. Dinner was leftovers from last night. I’m already noticing the lack of variety in my diet. As a kid, I would complain about having the same meal too often. I can’t imagine being a kid that has to eat Ramen every night for dinner 😦

So that’s all folks. Stay tuned for some deeper conversation about homelessness and hunger.



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