Three Weddings

I had the honor of attending three weddings during the past month! I used to be that girl that never wanted to get married, but I must say, couples like these give me hope. I wanted to wait until the end of the fall wedding season and do a post with highlights from each one.

Sickle-Benjamin Wedding 9/21/13

Kaitlin and Greg's first dance

Kaitlin and Greg’s First Dance

A lovely day at Greenwell State Park that even the rain could not ruin! In fact, it did not even start raining until the ceremony was over and we were all in the tent. I grew up in youth group with Greg and although I do not know Kaitlin very well, I can tell that she is the perfect match for him. They are an amazing Godly couple that were so sweet to watch the entire night. What I will remember most about this special day is that during her speech, the maid of honor said when she asked Kaitlin what she loved most about Greg, it was that they serve better together than apart. I could not stop the tears at that point. What a beautiful summary of what marriage is all about.



Phelan-Berube Wedding 10/12/13

Beautiful Couple

Beautiful Couple

Sisters? Distant Cousins?

Sisters? Distant Cousins?

I was so lucky to be a part of celebrating Kathleen and Matt’s wedding. I have known Kathleen for a very long time. I believe we met in 7th grade math class. I hate math more than anything so she was the one good thing I got out of prealgebra 🙂 We are in fact distantly related.. by marriage. I was showing a friend at work pictures from the wedding and she was like oh my gosh is that your sister?! I took it as a compliment since Kathleen is absolutely gorgeous and I would be lucky to be related to her. Since I have known Kathleen for a while, I have been there through most of her dating life. But when I met Matt, I knew something was different and that they were really great for each other! He challenges her in a way that no one else every has. It was so sweet that he started crying during his speech at the wedding and couldn’t even get out the words what he wanted to say to Kathleen. Real men can cry so he’s definitely a keeper 🙂

Davenport-Dembeck Wedding 10/19/13

The Lovely Dembeck Family

The Lovely Dembeck Family

A chilly fall day at Rocks State Park set the stage for Neil and Laura’s wedding. Every relationship takes work and things will not always be easy, but at the end of the day, Neil and Laura totally get each other on a soul level. Although the best man speech was filled with deep thoughts from Dumb and Dumber and Wayne’s World, the quote I will remember was from the pastor during the ceremony. He said “remember to love the most the one who loves you the most.” Meaning put God first in your relationships and everything in life and that will make your worldly relationships that much better. I’m so glad I got to be a part of this special day for them!



I am just overwhelmed with joy, happiness, and excitement for each of these couples. I cannot wait to see where this wonderful advernture takes you!




4 thoughts on “Three Weddings

  1. Thank you Cara, this is so sweet of you to include us. Neil and I totally agree that you cannot experience a fulfilling marriage without Jesus as your focal point, as marriage and all close relationships are ultimately a redeeming process to help us move towards a closer relationship with God. We are so glad that you were touched by our pastors words as that was our hope, that people would walk away from that ceremony with encouragement. 🙂 Much Love, Laura and Neil

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